USB Webkey Cable

by elaine 6. June 2014 22:21

This is USB webkey cable with webkey funtion. When the end users plug the cables to the computer, it will run url directly first. The cables act as normal USB cables for data transfer or power charged after url autorun. It works in MAC or windows. This kind of products are suitable for mobile phones related companies and onlines sales companies for gift promotions. It's our patented product.


Webkey Function :

Each USB Webkey contains a small program file that activates when the user inserts the key into the computer’s USB port. The data file contains routing information for the Uniform Resource Locator address of the website that the device promotes. The device works in the same way that clicking a hyperlink in a word processing document or email message will automatically launch your Web browser and open the linked Web page.


USB Webkey

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