3 D Laser Engraving Crystal USB Drive

by elaine 1. July 2012 04:50


The 3D-effect is overwhelming. You will receive your company logo, your product image or your portrait spatially engraved in high-quality crystal glass. For it, we will change your digital data into a 3D-file. With latest laser technology your logo/your product image will be lasered into the glass.

On request, other shapes than square are possible for the glass body. When using the USB-stick, the LED-light is refracted on the 3D-laser engraving inside, and this creates an impressive advertising impact.

The metal body is available in high-gloss silver, high-gloss gold or in matt-brushed silver. Regarding a personalization on the metal body, you can choose between pad printing and laser engraving. We recommend laser engraving, because it will last long.

Any questions please contact us at info@eseesky.com!


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