USB Flash Drive for Iphone

by elaine 24. April 2013 23:57

 Are you looking something new? This USB Disk not only have the triditional funtion but also can directly transfer your pictures and music to your iphone.



Iphone Case USB Flash Drive

by elaine 12. April 2013 00:01

It's not only a case for iPhone, but also a mini USB flash drive. Highest quality shell and recognizable bubble gum color make it perfect for your iPhone. 

Tap into the heart of iPhone' fans. Own this, inset your storage to your iPhone anytime!




Iphone Case USB Flash Drive

by elaine 22. September 2012 01:44

1. This Iphone Case USB Flash Drive is  not only USB, but also a Iphone casing for Iphone4 and Iphone 4S! Your customer only needs to spend money for one product, but enjoy the function of two products! 

2. There's a slot on the Iphone casing for you to insert the USB drive ins ide it. No need to worry you may lose your USB drive any more!

3. Big space for logo printing, you can have your company logo on both iphone casing and USB drive!

4. Durable casing made of plastic, with rubber finishing, well protect your iphone!

Currently, many people are using the Iphone, it's really good to choose a promotion item which can be used as USB stick, as well as phone protector.



iphone touch USB Flash Drive

by elaine 19. August 2012 08:55

Here is our new private mould USB----iphone touch USB, good to print logo on both sides.

If possible, we suggest promoting it at first time to get first market.

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