Business Card USB Web Key

by elaine 6. January 2014 22:11

Paper USB Webkeys (Carboard, brochure, leaflet USB webkeys, USB flyer, USB mailer) are excellent
for pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, schools, travel, corporate, real
estate, retail or any use requiring big printed area and a link to a website.


USB Webkey


Paper USB Webkey

by elaine 5. April 2012 01:43

This is a great way to promote your website,product or event. After being programmed with your URL,the device is punched out and plugged into a USB port where it directs web browsers to the website or page of your choosing. Four color printing inside and out. Excellent for pharmaceuticals,the automotive industry,schools,travel,corporate,real estate,retail or any use requiring printed information and a link to a website.

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