New Style USB Flash Drive

by elaine 20. March 2013 00:36



iUSB Stylus Pen

by elaine 2. August 2012 03:18

iUSB Stylus Pen is both stylish and versatile. One end houses a high-quality ball-point pen, whilst the other features a capacitive stylus which is ideal for use with any smart-phone, tablet computer or touch-screen device. Simply pull away the base of the pen and you also have a USB flash drive capable of holding upto 16GB of data.

The USB Stylus Pen is manufactured from a hi-grade metal alloy and has a quality feel and can be printed with your logo or artwork in up to 4 spot colours


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Nymph Design USB Flash Drive

by elaine 28. July 2012 08:13

This Nymph Design USB Flash Drive is Inspired by Nymphs who is a fairy image.

The ancient Greek belief in nymphs survived in many parts of the country into the early years of the twentieth century, when they were usually known as "nereids". At that time, John Cuthbert Lawson wrote: "...there is probably no nook or hamlet in all Greece where the womenfolk at least do not scrupulously take precautions against the thefts and malice of the nereids, while many a man may still be found to recount in all good faith stories of their beauty, passion and caprice.

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Mini USB stick with Keychain

by elaine 11. July 2012 04:01

eSeeSky.Inc latest launch of new USB models - Mini USB stick with Keychain .

eSeeSky Inc. Design And Make Mini USB stick with Keychain from 1 to 32GB. Full and real memory capacity and lowest price guaranteed!

Design Service Yes
Logo Branding Yes
Data Pre-loading Yes

 Data Pre-loading

We can have your advertisements, catalogs, photo album, video chips, or other files loaded into the flash drives at our workshop.


Design & New Product Development 

From idea to real product, we design, make sample and mass production for you;

Quick sampling process;

Good communication you can enjoy!

Any questions please feel free to contact us at  info@eseesky.com



Leather USB Flash Drive

by elaine 22. March 2012 00:18

Exclusive Style,Luxurious Leather,high quality and reasonable price

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