McDonald Fries Pattern USB Flash Drive

by elaine 10. June 2013 17:53

New arrival Mcdonald's PVC/ Rubber Chips shape Usb Flash Memory Drive 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB available

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Lovely Silicon USB Flash Drives

by elaine 4. June 2013 12:55

Lovely USBs ........ 

Here is where we were born. 

Party time! 

Aho.... The hippo is biting me! 



Glof Set USB Flash Drive

by elaine 15. May 2013 22:22


This is an interesting USB flash drive that measures 65 x 25 x 22mm and weights 24g. As we can see from the images, the usb drive is shaped as a golf bag with 5 golf clubs in different sizes, and the golf bag shaped casing comes with subtle details and beautiful color tone, while the durable silicone construction can effectively protect the built-in flash memory.



Bus Shape USB Flash Drive

by elaine 26. April 2013 23:24

There is a keyloop on this Bus Shape USB Flash Drive. It makes portable.

Product Dimension:56.5mm**30.5mm*9mm

Gross Weigh: 15g

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Helicopter USB Flash Drive

by elaine 26. April 2013 23:05

Visualize your logo in 3-D rubber USB flash drive with our unique and creative custom services. 
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USB Flash Drives. 

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Helicopter USB Flash Drive

by elaine 10. April 2013 23:12

Helicopter USB Flash Drive Size: 99x41.7x32.4mm

Molded PVC - FREE PVC PMS Colour change to suit your brand. Keyring attachment available as an optional extra.




Astronaut usb flash drive

by elaine 14. March 2013 23:47

An adorable USB Astronaut drive! This one piece design means the cap can never be lost. The outer silicone case is completely washable.

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