Mr. Lion Silicone USB Flash Drive

by elaine 4. June 2013 14:01

The Cowardly Lion in Wizard of OZ has the most brave heart because he wants to protect those he loves. Who is the one you want to protect, Mr. Lion?

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Hello Kitty USB Flash Drive

by elaine 4. November 2012 05:53




Cute Rubber Dog with UV Surface Coating USB Flash Drive

by elaine 3. November 2012 08:58



Alien USB Flash Drive

by elaine 25. August 2012 23:53


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Animals USB Flash Drive

by elaine 25. August 2012 23:27

Animals USB Flash Drive comes varity shapes. Such as Squirrel, Koala, Lion, Dog USB Flash Drive.

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Octopus Design USB Flash Drive

by elaine 27. July 2012 01:26

Octopus Design USB Flash Drive

The model look so cute ,yes , it’s design by the octopus ,this Octopus USB Flash Drive have a lot colors to you choose , when you want to use just take off its head then can store you want of any data, movies, music, material and so on.



There are many standard usb-sticks on the market. surprise your customers with an usb-stick shaped like your logo, shaped like your product.

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Mickey Mouse USB Flash Drive

by elaine 10. April 2012 09:31


Now you can get a cool looking USB flash drive to go with those gorgeous gadgets.

The super light and handy Mickey flash drive only weights 15g, and has a gorgeous Mickey hanging ornament. You can either wear it or use it to decorate your cellular phone or bag.

The T703, authorized by Disney, not only provides you with a classic Mickey Mouse image, but also presents a creative design for the flash drive. After removing Mickey ear, you can easily save your files to the flash drive.

In addition to being a useful office tool, its unique mirror design can help you check your appearance anytime your want. It can also be used as a mini photo frame.



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