Waterproof Leather Case for iPhone, iPod, Android Phone, Mobile Phones or MP4/MP3

by elaine 20. April 2012 05:45


Waterproof Leather Case is a great item for carrying your iPhone, iPod, Android Phone, Mobile Phones or MP4/MP3 Players to the beach or to the pool or taking shower or fishing or surfing. Because of its tough and completely waterproof design keeps your iPod, or iPhone, or Android phone, or other electronic devices dry! This waterproof leather case allows you to have much fun experience using your iPhone and other devices while you are in the water.

Even thought this waterproof leather case is specially designed for the iPhone, but works with any electronic gadgets and valuables that fit inside, you can easily carry this item while in water with the strap on your arm or neck, then playing your iPhone or taking pictures or videos underwater (or with putting your mini digital camera or DV inside this waterproof leather case)!

With this waterproof leather case, you can write your twitter or update blog or uploading video to YouTube through you iPhone, sharing every wonderful moment with all your friends while you are swimming or surfing on the beach, that will make your friends to say "Wow! Awesome!"

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