USB People Flash Drive

by jeff 13. June 2010 02:42


Weird USB drives are popular among users and companies looking to hand out memorable trinkets to employees and customers. Some of the most memorable flash drives we have seen in a while would have to be the new line of Star Wars Mimobot drives. Those wanting a flash drive that looks like a person, but is perhaps a little less geeky than the Mimobot, can get their own USB People drive.

The USB People flash drive is exactly what it sounds like - a USB flash drive that has movable arms and legs. The drives look sort of like the Lego people that come with some Lego kits to me. To get to the USB connector of the drive you pull off the head. The drives come in a few models including a doctor, Vet, policeman, secretary, jogger, construction worker, footballer, rugby player, businessman, and more. You can also create your own custom USB People drive. Storage capacities range from 64MB to 8GB. Pricing is unknown at this time.


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Custom USB Flash Drive - Style Bullet

by jeff 11. June 2010 03:22

You’re not so impressed yet by those various shapes of USB flash drives that we’ve shown you before. Here comes another one, which is shaped like a bullet.

This USB flash drive is shaped like a machine gun bullet, which shall be loved by those who’ve joined the army troop. Soldiers these days will need to go little high-tech, having some highly confidential data stored on a USB flash drive. A USB flash drive shaped like a machine gun bullet might be good in disguise which no one will snatch your precious data away.


The Bullet USB flash drive has a 1GB storage capacity. It was spotted at a trade show which seems unavailable for the public yet. It’ll probably make a hit when it becomes available in the market. Wearing one of these around your neck also makes you look little cool. Or you’d be deemed by mistake as the most dangerous guy on Earth.


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