Snack USB Key

by katyhe 31. August 2011 11:23



Air Bus USB Flash Drive

by katyhe 22. August 2011 14:07
Air Bus USB Flash Drive

100% custom usb flash drive design just for you. Sky is the only limit.

Nearly any material is fair game: plastic, metal, rubber, wood even moving parts are welcome.




Coin Shaped USB Flash Drive

by jeff 6. July 2010 17:06

Design to look like coins but only a bit thicker. You may keep it inside your pocket alone or together with your coins and when you need to use it for storing data you have to simply rotate the edge and reveal the USB connector



Bamboo iPhone 4 Case

by Paul 5. July 2010 16:10
The case itself is crafted by hand from hardwood and bamboo and is reinforced with steel to keep your iPad safe. It has openings for the 30 pin connector and volume controls and is top-loading so you can slip your iPad in and out without much trouble.



Handcrafted Wood iPad Case

by Paul 5. July 2010 16:05
Now that you know you’ll have your sweaty hands on an iPad on April 3, you can start fussing over the other stuff you’ll need for your shiny new gadget. This Vers case is gorgeous and has one of those..um… One of those things that keeps a bicycle upright. What do you call those? Footprop? No that’s not it. Lean-to? No that’s something else I think. Quicksand? Quicksand! Oh that’s close—it’s on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah. KICKSTAND. That’s right, the Vers case will not only let you forget that your iPad’s chunky black bezel ever existed, it will also prop your iPad up with a convenient wooden peg. If you’ll remember, the possibility of a kickstand was a topic of much debate in the months leading up to the iPad’s unveiling, and though the device itself does not sport one, this looks to be pretty close to the simple, effective implementation most of us had in mind. The case itself is crafted by hand from hardwood and bamboo and is reinforced with steel to keep your iPad safe. It has openings for the 30 pin connector and volume controls and is top-loading so you can slip your iPad in and out without much trouble. The case will be available for preorder soon from Vers for $US80 (they make a snazzy iPhone one, too). Did I mention it had a kickstand?



Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

by jeff 2. July 2010 10:59

bamboo keyboard and mouse This Bamboo keyboard and mouse will go some way to to help the environment, but if the bamboo products don’t perform as well as existing ones it going to have a tough job replacing it.



Custom USB Flash Drive Robots

by jeff 23. June 2010 13:56

For a truely unique novelty flash drive why not take a look at the new usb robot. These retro style robot flash drives feature springs for legs and arms and the head of the robot simply pulls off to reveal the usb connector. There is no need to worry about loosing the robots head as it is fixed to the arms of the robot. The robot flash drives really are a great promotional item and have a sturdy solid build. The robots are available in a range of colours and are also available in brushed steel for those seeking an executive style. As with all our promotional usb flash drives the robot can be custom printed with your company logo or engraved on the metal robots. Make your brand stand out from the crowd with our new usb robots.

Available in a range of memory sizes including 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. The range of memory sizes available allows you to choose the best option for your business or promotion. For more information on our robot usb or usb robots please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Tree Trunk USB Drive

by jeff 23. June 2010 13:47

What if there was a gadget that unified the computer freak with the nature lover? Look no further as twig flash drives turn your machine into a tree hugger.


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Custom Recycled Cardboard USB Flash Drives

by Paul 23. June 2010 13:29

The USB flash drive of the day is… recycled cardboard. I hesitate to label these as novelty since there is a bit more to them besides just being composed of an interesting material. The thing with USB flash drives is that they are somewhat disposable- once newer ones with larger capacities at cheaper prices become available, the older smaller capacity ones typically get tossed aside. That’s why a green material drive like this is a good idea. Also what’s interesting about this design is that five of them come together as one piece- when you need one, just snap one off. And the majority of the drive can be recycled again.

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Full Color Imprinting for USB Flash Drives

by jeff 20. June 2010 01:18

Every day, organizations look to us to add color to their promotional USB flash drive projects. That’s because we understand the value behind every last detail when it comes to accurately replicating your brand. In fact, the leadership team consists of an award-winning brand communications expert. So you can trust that every aspect of logo coloration & detail will be scrutinized prior to the production of your custom flash drive project.

In order to prevent any miscommunication, we collaborate with your organization to identify the specific colors of your logo/mark. Depending on the orientation & desired size of the logo, we will recommend the most compatible USB flash drive model.

Up to four precise colors can be brilliantly displayed on most of our USB flash drive products. The process of application is a delicate balance of fine art & advanced technology. The end result is an inspiring recreation of your brand on a premium USB flash drive hardware product, ensuring your personalized flash drives will command attention.


Learn About Your Logo Customization Options

  1. Silk Screen

    A screen of porous material is used as a stencil for ink which is deposited onto our drives as a hard edged logo.

  2. Pad Imprint

    Small Silicon Pads are used to pick up a small layer of ink, and to deposit them onto any shaped surface. This one-step imprinting process allows us to create full color imprints on some of our models.

  3. Dome Imprint

    Our Dome Imprinting process utilizes a full color process printed logo covered with an acrylic dome, giving us a very durable, full color logo option available on our Swivel and Magnifico models.

  4. Laser Etching

    Laser Etching is a computer aided process which uses a laser beam (rather than a primarily mechanical head or tool) to etch onto our metal drives.

  5. Black Jack Etching

    Black Jack Etching takes our laser etching to the next level! We use our laser and a special blend of chemicals to produce a black colored etch on any of our silver colored metal drives.

  6. Embossing

    Our leather


     drives are perfect for embossing! Your logo can be permanently stamped onto any of our three leather models giving them a classy touch that any big-wig would enjoy

  7. Engraving

    If none of the other customization options are quite your style, we can always use the tried and true Engraver to trace the outline of a logo or add a personal touch to any of the metal drives in the CFgear arsenal.


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