4-in-1 Multi-Function Car Charger

by elaine 30. November 2014 16:37

A car charger is a device that plugs into the 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet inside a vehicle, then connects to an electronic device such as a cell phone or MP3 player to charge the battery. The cell phone will typically connect to the car charger through a USB port or simple power cord.



Make your own shape power bank

by elaine 8. November 2014 19:22

The latest trend around the world is to turn your product or logo into a power bank.  Similar to custom moulded memory sticks, eSeeSky.Inc use PVC moulding to make this stunning product.  It’s important to note that not all logo’s and products can be accommodated.  Send us your logo and we will ask our skilled factory designers to have a look and see if they are able to come up with a design.  Cylindrical shapes are particularly easy to make into power banks.

 We can affordable create a 100% cusom design just for you.

*Give us anything idea, doodle, hand dawing or photo to get started.

*We create digital renderings so realistic they look like real photos, lighting and all.

*Just about any material is fair game: PVC, ABS,Metal, Wood-even moving parts are welcome.


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