Music Boy USB Flash Drive

by elaine 28. October 2013 10:46

All boys who play music are Prince Charming!

Material: Silicone
Size: 46.5mm×38.7mm×21.8mm


Custom USB People


Wristband USB Flash Drive

by elaine 20. October 2013 18:29

Wear your critical information on your wrist with this flexible, comfortable drive. Available in a variety of colors.

  • Capacities: 64MB - 128GB
  • Size: 219.0mm×19.50mm×8.80mm
  • Body colors available: Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue and More...
  • Custom body colors: Available
  • Product materials: Rubber


Rubber USB Flash Drive


10400mah Stone Shape Power Bank

by elaine 14. October 2013 14:54

This new stone shape power bank has 10400mah capacity. 12000mah excellent feeling Stone portable power bank for Samsung Galaxy Note3,Iphone5c,5S etc.It is a great promotional gift. It has a small size and easy to carry and use.

Dual usb port and high exchange rate.
Size: 130*70*13mm


Power Bank

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