Ultra Stylish USB Flash Memory Drive

by elaine 28. June 2012 00:57

 Description: Ultra stylish USB flash memory drive. Your internally engraved logo lights up with LED Logo Light effect when plugged into a computer. 2 3/4" L
Colors: Aqua Blue/Blue LED, Orange, Light Green/Green LED
Application: Computer, Light

Any questions please contact us at info@eseesky.com



Celerate your wedding with a personalised USB Flash Drive

by elaine 3. June 2012 11:35

Those USB flash Drives are now also gaining popularit with the brides and grooms as well. Some are using them as Wedding favours. Wedding Favours are typically small, but personal gifts that are given way to key members of the service to thank them for their help. support and participation.

A his and her USB flash drive. These vintage key USB sticks just might hold the key to your memory. The USB stick is sadly not functional, but as a design it's.

Favours are a relatively new concept in the UK having first found popularity in the USA. Where USB flash drives are used as favours the are typically printed or engraved with the names of the happy couple and the date of the wedding.



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Pizza USB Flash Drive

by elaine 3. June 2012 10:44

Here we have another entree in the category “sticky foods”: The USB Pizza Flash Drive! It's a great 2 in 1 deal as the pizza slice is also a pizza stick. Just dip it into your favorite computer and enjoy the various season toppings like pepperoni, artichoke and pepper. You can order your pizza flash drives  mini (1GB), medium (2GB), large (4GB) and extra-large (8GB)

With a crispy plastic crust and baked al data, pizza memory sticks surely deliver. And best of all: You can have them here as well as to go.


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