Wristband USB Flash Drives

by elaine 29. April 2012 21:30

Wristband USB Flash Drives are offered at www.eseesky.com. Approx production day:it will take about 4-7 work days for normal quantity orders without logo,if custom logo that will take 2-3 work days to produce sample for confirmation.

Logo branded: we can print the logo on the bracelet usb drives very nice with rich experience,please send logo files,then we can check the best cost for you!

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Recycled Card Board USB Flash Drive

by elaine 28. April 2012 00:28

One look at this USB flash drive and you will understand why it is a wonderful way of storing all your confidential files. This USB from eSeeSky.Inc is made out of recycled newspaper and it looks so deceptively simple that none would suspect it to be a USB.

It could just lay there as an old and broken piece of your wall and you could save your most confidential data in it knowing that it is highly unlikely anyone would be searching in there.

The USB can store from 512 MB to 16 GB and comes only in one color—that of recycled paper. It not only saves on raw material and the paper that is otherwise wasted, but also sports a very uncanny look.



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Metal Clip USB Flash Drive

by jeff 27. April 2012 11:07

Quality, solid metal USB Flash Drive model with Boomark/Paper Clip function. This classy USB Flash Drive offers a decent print area for effective personalisation.

Memory Capacity

1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

Branding Options

Screen Print, Engrave

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3D USB card webkey

by elaine 27. April 2012 10:29

This 3D USB card webkey a great way to promote your website, product or event. After being programmed with your URL, the device is punched out and plugged into a USB port where it directs web browsers to the website or page of your choosing.

Four color printing inside and out. Excellent for pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, schools, travel, corporate, real estate, retail or any use requiring printed information and a link to a website.

The card front site can Animate your branding logo with 2-D and 3-D effects when the image is tilted from top to bottom or side to side. For 2-D effect, provide 2 images. 

 eSeeSky Inc. the leading promotional gift supplier since 2004. With fast turnaround time, direct factory price and positive customer service, we have been exported all kinds of promotional gifts throughout the world.

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Creative button-up design silicone USB

by elaine 24. April 2012 07:52



The new button-up design USB are designed in a unique way, which is invented by us. There will be no cap, and the USB can be just button up by one hand. And they are madeof silicone. We will have five designs ready in May and will have more to come in the near future.If you don't mind, please tell us your ideas, we will arrange our sophisticated design team to prepare a solution for you.

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Snowboard & Surfboard Shaped USB Flash Drive

by elaine 21. April 2012 03:21

-          Fast Delivery Time 

-          Good Price

-          Custom logo

-          Up to 32GB

If you don’t mind, please tell me your ideas, I will arrange our sophisticated design team to prepare a solution for you.

eSeeSky Inc. the leading promotional gift supplier since 2004. With fast turnaround time, direct factory price and positive customer service, we have been exported all kinds of promotional gifts throughout the world.

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USB Fragrance dispenser

by elaine 20. April 2012 06:05

This cool USB Fragrance Oil Drive with Flash Driver, Fragrance Oil, User Manual. Different color has different scent. For instance RoseRed, PeppermintGreen, Lemon-Orange, LavenderPurple. You can just drop fragrance oil in the trifurcate-shaped hole. 3 to 5 drops are enough for operating all day long.

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Waterproof Leather Case for iPhone, iPod, Android Phone, Mobile Phones or MP4/MP3

by elaine 20. April 2012 05:45


Waterproof Leather Case is a great item for carrying your iPhone, iPod, Android Phone, Mobile Phones or MP4/MP3 Players to the beach or to the pool or taking shower or fishing or surfing. Because of its tough and completely waterproof design keeps your iPod, or iPhone, or Android phone, or other electronic devices dry! This waterproof leather case allows you to have much fun experience using your iPhone and other devices while you are in the water.

Even thought this waterproof leather case is specially designed for the iPhone, but works with any electronic gadgets and valuables that fit inside, you can easily carry this item while in water with the strap on your arm or neck, then playing your iPhone or taking pictures or videos underwater (or with putting your mini digital camera or DV inside this waterproof leather case)!

With this waterproof leather case, you can write your twitter or update blog or uploading video to YouTube through you iPhone, sharing every wonderful moment with all your friends while you are swimming or surfing on the beach, that will make your friends to say "Wow! Awesome!"

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Luggage Tag Flash Drive

by elaine 20. April 2012 05:19

Tiny flash drives it’s mighty innovation, but a chance to loss it is very high. In order to try to back it to owner companies added little tag on the stick. In same way can find a loss baggage in airports or railway station.

New memory stick by SE unite both problem and offering solution Luggage Tag USB flash drive. Attach a coolest memory stick to suitcase or bag, fill tag and … add more info in the saved, on the flash drive, file.

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Fancy USB Memory Ball Pen

by elaine 20. April 2012 04:17


The Fancy USB Memory Pen offers the perfect convergence between the USB Flash Drive and the ballpoint pen by offering style, comfort during use and excellent branding potential.This unique design, printable in 1-4 colours, doesn't compromise form or function and ensures that your branding message will stay in the hands of your customers, prospects, partners and employees for a long time to come.

An innovative magnetic mechanism ensures that the USB Flash Drive can be easily removed when required while being held perfectly in place when not in use. The fancy USB Memory Pen offers combines 2 of the most popular promotional items into a single product - why choose whether to promote your brand using a USB Flash Drive or a high quality ballpoint pen when you can have the best of both worlds? The Fancy USB Memory Pen is quite simply 2 promotional gifts in 1.


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